Jute Baskets Brisbane

Organising tabletops and shelves is a hectic task that no one wants to do. However, the job can be made easier with hand-braided jute baskets from Jute Things. With a wide assortment of jute baskets, we have been supplying our products to our customers across Brisbane and the surrounding cities of Australia for many years now. Each basket is crafted from renewable and sustainable natural jute that make a tactile alternative to plastic storage boxes and an eco-friendly way to add style and texture to any space.

Use Jute Basket As A Planter:

Our jute baskets can conveniently accommodate plants in any shape. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses, these baskets last for many years to come with a little care and maintenance. Looking very natural and aesthetic, these jute planters can be placed in balcony, on the table or around the corner in home and office.

Use Jute Basket To Organise Laundry:

Dirty clothes are always an eyesore that should be concealed at any cost. Braided and stitched by hand, our jute baskets are the epitome of sophisticated look and help keeping your dirty, smelly clothes out of sight, yet in an organised way.

Use Jute Basket As A Storage Container:

Our jute baskets in natural colour will add flair to your counter while making it easier to store items such as fruits, vegetables, kitchen supplies, cutlery, books, cosmetics and muck more. These storage baskets can also be used to store your kid’s diapers and other necessary items to make space looking good and uncluttered.

Use Jute Basket As A Pet Bed: 

If you would like to provide a comfy set up for your pets, you can’t go wrong with our jute baskets. Being cozy, firm and squishy, these jute baskets have good scratch resistance and are known to improve pet’s sleep quality.

If you would like to try out some of our baskets from Jute Things, feel free to call and schedule your delivery to Brisbane today.