Jute Baskets Adelaide

Jute baskets do a wonderful job of organising laundry, toys, cosmetics, craft supplies, kitchen supplies and many more. With their high-functionality, the demand for these baskets has been sky rocketing in the recent times. Jute Things has been designing and supplying jute baskets across Adelaide at appealing prices. We have a great range of light-weight, beautiful and budget friendly jute baskets that can add both function and style in every room.

Use Jute Basket As a Planter:

Displaying the best craftsmanship, our jute baskets can be converted into a beautiful and unique garden planter which adds to your home décor. Perfect for small size indoor plants, these baskets make any space more lively and natural. To protect the basket from water and soiling, you can place a plastic pot inside the basket.

Use Jute Basket To Organise Laundry:

Designed with ample storage space, our jute baskets help eliminating clutter while making it easier for you to store clothes, cushions, blankets and much more. We also have jute baskets with lid to conceal smelly clothes and keep dirty laundry out of sight.

Use Jute Basket As A Multi-Purpose Storage Container:

Our jute baskets are so versatile that they can be used to store kitchen supplies, vegetables, fruits and much more in an organised way. Placing them in your kitchen will add a pop of colour to the space and ensure easy access to things you need more often.

Use Jute Basket As A Pet Bed:

Our jute baskets are cozy, firm and squishy that they make a perfect bed for your pets. They are constructed in a way that they improve pet’s sleep quality and keep your pet cool in summer and warm in winter.

At Jute Things, we have jute baskets in different sizes, shapes, styles and specifications to choose from. So, explore our collection of jute products and choose the one matching your specific needs. For more information, call and get in touch with us today.